A full spectrum of the best independent financial services tailored to meet the needs of our LGBTQ+ clients. Equity & General is for everyone.

Our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community is enshrined in our name. Equity is the result of breaking down barriers arising from historic prejudice while general means for all. Our business has been built on the belief that every client should be able to access financial services tailored to their own specific needs while enjoying a service ethic founded on respect.

By the Financial Planning experts at Equity & General

Supporting our LGBTQ+ Community

According to recent surveys* on LGBTQ+ finances 62% of LGBTQ+ respondents reported having experienced financial challenges due to sexual
orientation or gender identity. At E&G we know that the community is often offered products inappropriate to their needs and can be penalised with higher costs for mortgages and investment products.

Research has also highlighted a number of other issues. For example, 68% feel that their financial services provider is not working hard enough to understand their needs, 34% have experienced difficult situations with providers because of their sexuality and almost 25% don’t admit to their sexuality in case a decision goes against them.

The lack of understanding and shortage of tailored products has led to a lack of trust and engagement.

At E&G we are committed to providing the best tailored products and advice that can be made available to each of our LGBTQ+ clients.

* Surveys commissioned by Experian and Nationwide

Products for our LGBTQ+ Clients

Free Financial Health Check
Mortgages & Equity
Release Pensions
Wills & Probate

Help & Information

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