FREE Financial Heath Check

Benefit from a free independent review of your personal finances designed to give you peace of mind and the opportunity to consider exciting new investment and savings possibilities that could help maintain and build your prosperity for the future

Everyone’s financial circumstances change over their lifetime. Career prospects, employment status and income combined with inflation and changing tax regulations mean that a regular review of your financial position is an essential aspect of wise planning for the future

What is the purpose of a financial review?

Our free reviews are designed to provide peace of mind by ensuring you are always as financially secure for the future as you can be given your circumstances at any time.

What is it that our experts do?

The first thing we do is review your existing finances to determine if the provisions you have made are suitable and as fit for purpose. In other words, are you in the best position to meet your plans and expectations for the future, especially retirement? Once this has been done, we’ll highlight any financial shortfalls that exist and identify opportunities for investment, saving or tax reduction you may not have considered. Using our knowledge of the markets and products and employing considerable experience,

we’ll set out a vision of your financial future that we can discuss with you. As a fully independent and regulated firm, our research is undertaken across the entire market to ensure we provide the most beneficial advice for each client.

How long will a review last?

The initial call with one of our professional Client Relationship Managers will last for approximately 20 minutes. This call should provide most of the information we need but we’ll follow up with additional calls and consultations, where necessary and conclude with our recommendations for action. Once we have agreed a plan of action with you we’ll prepare a programme for improvement and share it with you for your approval.

How much does the review cost?

All our reviews are carried out without obligation on your part and for no fee. If and when the review results in any advice being given or recommendations for further action, our fees for this will be clearly communicated before you make any decision to proceed.

How often should I carry out a review?

Circumstances can change rapidly so we encourage all our clients to carry out a review at least once a year.

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